Magic Team Building

Magic Team Building

Magic provides the ideal vehicle for team building as every participant begins at the same level. The candidates will learn presentation and performance skills. You will learn how to incorporate misdirection within your presentation and to add that extra mystery which elevates the effect from just a trick to being a miracle in YOUR HANDS !!

How it works:
FUN - This two hour Magic Team Building workshop starts with a magic show that is based around magic classics and mind reading. After the presentation three magic routines will be taught. The group will be split up into teams and will learn how to present their new found magic skills using the correct patter, showmanship and misdirection. Each group works creatively together to understand, practice and then perform their newly acquired magic skills.

Benefits and skills learned:
• Presentations skills
• Build quick rapport
• Hold and control attention
• Become more charismatic
• Gain confidence
• Learn misdirection
• Perform magic effects

Employees will surprise themselves with their own capabilities. They will have an incentive to get involved as the skills and tricks taught are highly entertaining and can be used and shown to impress colleagues, family and friends.

Your group will also learn the basics of magical theory which is useful in gaining, holding and controlling attention while working as a group.

Team Building

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