Dance Team Building

Dance Team building

Looking for an exciting, fun activity to wake and shake up the office staff? Our Dance Team building workshops are a fantastic way for colleagues to not only develop team skills, but also to keep active and healthy, boost staff morale, confidence, and most importantly have FUN!!

If you are planning a group activity for a corporate event, dance lessons are a great ice breaker activity to introduce different teams and departments, whilst developing team spirit.

Suitable for all ages and abilities our professional, qualified and friendly instructors will lead you through the dance steps to create your very own dance routine!!

Dance Team Building
Dance Team Building

How it works:
FUN - Our Dance Team building event can be either a two or three hour activity or full day event. We can run an event for groups starting as small as 10 members up to 60 or 80. We promise maximum participation for all your staff members no matter what their level of fitness or dance ability. We tailor the event to suit those present. We like to include some fun and simple social dances such as Cha Cha, Slow Rhythm and plenty of non-partner dancing too such as Latin line dances, hip hop, disco and so on.

Benefits and skills learned:
• Leadership
• Support
• Building of team confidence and esteem
• Coordination
• Flexibility
• Communication
• Enhance team trust

Our corporate dance programs aim to develop work teams by enhancing communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness. Corporate members will strengthen key skills as they listen, learn, persevere and perform in a relaxed fun-filled environment.

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