Comedy Team Building

Comedy Team Building

The ability to improvise is comprised of many important team skills such as creative thinking, flexibility of response, listening and collaboration. The skills by which the Improv Comedy Team Building works is to build ideas, re-frame situations, collaborate and produce results. These are the same skills business teams need to achieve practical creative solutions.

Be trained by South Africa`s top improv comedians.

How it works:
FUN - This two and a half hour Comedy Team Building workshop starts with a demonstration of professional improv comedy. Improv techniques are then shared with the group. The group will be split up into teams and will then apply their newly found improv skills while working as team in this creative process.

Benefits and skills learned:
• Focus
• Listening
• Hold and control attention
• Gain confidence
• Timing
• Clarity
• Relationship Building

People adept at improvising excel at sales, customer service and all interactions with people including clients. The improvising skill is sought after in experiential marketing campaigns, delivering presentations. generating ideas and new courses of action in all areas of business.

Team Building

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