Kevin Perkins

Kevin Perkins

Kevin PerkinsKevin Perkins is one of South Africa’s top selling comic acts. Known more often by his South African Indian stage character, Michael Naicker; Kevin Perkins has been one of South Africa’s major entertainment success stories. Originally a qualified mechanical engineer, Kevin began doing stand-up comedy rather late in his life. Being a cancer survivor Kevin also knew the importance of the “carpé diem” ethos and not being happy to simply exist in a monotonous, spirit-crushing job. Kevin began to look for something more, something he could feel passionate about, something empowering. Having always been told by friends that he should do stand-up comedy, he finally decided to give it a try. Discovered in 2000 at an open mic night at a small comedy club in Johannesburg, Kevin’s rise to success as a world class comedian was nothing short of meteoric. Kevin Perkins has had 2 commercially released comedy Cd’s and one DVD (EMI Music South Africa). A born entertainer, actor and singer, Kevin has had sold out performances throughout South Africa and on two tours to London. Continuing his mission to show the world a good night out, Kevin Perkins has his sights set on Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand...he would tour Holland, but if his Dutch in-laws are anything to go by.... Dutch people just don’t find him very funny.

Preparing for launch.....How it started
Having completed a Marketing Diploma in 2000, Kevin Perkins decided to apply some of his new marketing skills to increasing his comedy gigs. He set up a comedy IVR line using Michael Naicker™ as the voice and had it hosted by a local South African cell phone network. He then sms’d the 25 names he had on his cell phone and told them to “phone this number....if you think it’s funny, pass it on”. During this mobile phone promotional period, more than a million minutes of calls were received from fans across South Africa and the world. Expanding his stand-up routine into an 80 minute public show was the next logical step and once again a precedent was set. Shows were sold out within days. Switchboards were jammed with requests for tickets. Kevin Perkins had arrived. His one-man stand-up comedy shows have been sold out both nationally and internationally with some venues hosting as many as 3000 people. THE WORLD NEEDS Kevin Perkins, THE WORLD NEEDS Michael Naicker™. The time is right! Right?…RIGHT!

So who is Michael Naicker™
Super Mike, as he is known to his friends, raced onto the South African comedy scene just over 8 years ago and his popularity has been red-lining ever since. Michael Naicker™ is the brainchild of Kevin Perkins, the comedian behind “The Common Man’s Super Hero”. Kevin has been doing stand up comedy for nearly ten years and continues to win over audiences across the country and around the world with his hilarious onstage comedy routines, radio spots and internet clips. His musical parodies: “Hey Jacob Zuma” and “The Eskom Song” have received world-wide acclaim and his momentum appears unstoppable.

Kevin Perkins’s stage shows incorporate what he calls his “Normal” or internationally acceptable stand-up comedy as well as the side-splitting “tales from the street” related through the eyes of the inimitable South African Indian rebel: Michael Naicker™. This is a show nobody should miss. Kevin has audiences wheezing with laughter – he pulls no punches and makes no apologies.
Local And Global Impact:
The viral campaign achieved precisely what was intended, namely: creating a unique,
accessible and recognizable brand in the South African entertainment market.
The power of the Michael Naicker™ brand is staggering and the value he brings to
products and services associated with him is a commercial dream. Michael Naicker™, speaks to people, often saying what others are feeling, have wanted to say, or are simply too afraid to say in their normal day-to-day work or social environments. Both Michael Naicker™ and Kevin’s comedy comments are hilariously astute, accurate and cut straight to the bone. His comedy parody of the Plain White Tee’s hit, Hey there Delilah; which became known as “The Eskom Song” has received a global response, with fan mail pouring in from across South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and even Argentina, and has shown the world that not only can Kevin Perkins entertain as a comedian but as a singer too. His next challenge is acting and several film and TV opportunities are on the cards. His voice work on radio is a hit with listeners around South Africa and the power of the Michael Naicker™ brand turns any campaign into a success for his many clients. Kevin Perkins / Michael Naicker™ is hot property! With his continued passion and enthusiasm, he continues to attract South Africa’s biggest comedy audiences.

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